About Don Folk Chevrolet

Victory Motors was founded during WWII and located at the corner of St Paul and Bernard. In 1950, the dealership moved to expanded new premises at 1675 Pandosy on the corner of Leon Ave. and Pandosy Street.

It remained there until May of 1977 when it was relocated once again into new premises on four acres of land at its present location, 2350 Harvey Avenue (Hwy 97N).

Victory Motors changed their name to Don Folk Chevrolet at General Motor?s insistence in 1979, as General Motors wanted Dealer Operators, and the car lines reflected in the corporate names across the country. There has been 61 years of continuous Chevrolet representation in Kelowna, unequalled by any of our competitors.

Joining Victory Motors upon resigning from General Motors in January of 1971, Don Folk has seen the growth of the company from 22 employees to its present size in excess of 70 full time employees.

At Don Folk Chevrolet we do it right - all day, every day. We provide quality products and services competitively priced and delivered in a caring, enthusiastic and straightforward manner.

Contact Information

Don Folk Chevrolet

2350 Hwy 97N

Kelowna, BC V1X 4H8
sales Sales:
1 (888) 521-9112


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